Feeling Inspired to ‘Spark Joy’? Start By Going Green With Your Tidying Up!

Feeling Inspired to ‘Spark Joy’? Start By Going Green With Your Tidying Up!

It seems like everyone is talking about how to "Spark Joy" and we probably have Netflix to thank.  We can thank (or blame) the streaming service for reintroducing the world to Marie Kondo, the Japanese super-organizer with a quirky new television program aimed at cleaning up the most cluttered of homes.  It's based on her now-ubiquitous book, "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up."

I have to admit, seeing the current state of my office right now, "tidying up" doesn't sound like such a bad idea!

Since we're all about living a green lifestyle here at Toolaloo (and since cleaning my office is about all I can think about) here are a few ways to ensure you're being environmentally friendly while you're tidying up.

Make Environmentally Friendly Choices Before, During and After Tidying!

1. Use recyclable boxes and reusable bags to sort your stuff.

The last thing we want to do while clearing items out of our home is to create more waste and put it all in plastic trash bags!  Those plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose, so use them thoughtfully.  For donations and other items, use recyclable boxes and reusable storage bins.

2. Give your things a second chance!

We all know the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

It may take an extra moment or two, find a place in your city where you can resell, donate or consign your items.  Not only are you giving your valuable items a second chance, your donation can also help your favorite local non-profit!

As you sort your items, use your reusable grocery bags and totes to transport things to your local Goodwill when you're done.  With Toolaloo, you can carry up to 40 pounds in one trip! 


3. Use this opportunity to make more environmentally-friendly choices.

As you toss expired food from the kitchen or finish up your old cleaning products, use this opportunity to start fresh and make greener choices!  Now that you have a fresh slate, consider purchasing eco-friendly dish detergents, soaps and cleaners that won't harm the environment.  If you're considering new storage containers, opt for more eco-friendly materials such as bamboo.  For food storage, try metal or glass containers.

4. Recycle what you can't use or donate.

Especially as you get to clearing out papers and plastic bottles, take the extra few moments to rinse containers and separate papers for recycling.  Your moment of care now will save our planet for generations to come!  Instead of trashing everything that you can't donate, set up a station to sort and organize recyclable materials.

5. Opt out of paper!

As you finish tidying up, consider the amount of paper you just recycled.  Are there any monthly bills or statements you can receive online instead of through the mail?  Save a tree and consider signing up for magazines, newsletters, and/or statements online instead of with paper!  Not only will it eliminate clutter in your home, but it will save valuable resources too.  As for tat junk mail that piles up (or goes straight into the trash), you can head to the FTC's website to find out how to stop getting it for good!

Happy Tidying!


Toolaloo is available for online purchase right now at! It's the only tool you need for carrying those reusable bags to and from your local Goodwill (and we ship free anywhere in the United States)!  How's that for some serious joy?