Create Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Wonders This Holiday Season

Create Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Wonders This Holiday Season

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us! Each year, I consider ways to be more eco-friendly, with everything from gifts to meals and holiday decor. 

There are easy and creative ways to save the environment and plastic waste, beginning with how you wrap those holiday gifts! It may even save you a dreaded trip to the store during the holiday chaos. 

We’ve compiled some fresh ways to buy less gift wrap, toss less trash, and get the whole family involved in gift-wrapping this holiday season. 

Reuse wrapping paper

Did you know you can quickly iron wrapping paper under a cloth? This easy trick allows you to reuse paper all year round. Don’t fret if the paper isn’t specifically Christmas-themed. Solid colors, gold and even other patterns can easily be dressed up for the holidays  with festive tags or ribbon. 

Use brown recycled paper

100% recycled brown wrapping paper (also called Kraft Paper) is available at most major retailers and is easily dressed-up to fit any holiday theme! Get even more creative and use water-based inks, paints or stamps to create one-of-a-kind designs. This is a great project to get the kids involved with, too!

Head to a local thrift store and find great accessories for presents wrapped in recyclable paper or in brown paper gift bags - think old ornaments, vintage cards, tea towels, etc. (While you’re there, look for rolls of ribbon and other details you can buy used instead of new!)

Wrap with fabric

Wrap small trinkets or boxes in pretty scarves, tea towels or fabric squares that can make an additional gift themselves. Other great alternative wrapping materials include your child’s artwork, t-shirts, newspaper or one of those tote bags you haven’t used in months! Pro tip: save those little bows and ribbons you receive throughout the year to add to your gifting masterpiece! Even those little threads that come on the shoulders of most sweaters and tops can be repurposed.

Buy with recycling in mind

Don’t forget that most wrapping paper with foil and tape attached to it is non-recyclable. Look for biodegradable, recyclable patterns and materials if you do go to the store to purchase wrapping. Or, skip the tape altogether and use ribbons to tie packages closed. You can also find eco-friendly tape so that more of your paper can be recycled after the gift-giving is over! 

Use nature

Evergreen branches make great holiday gift decor. Look for natural materials such as pine cones, tree sprigs and small branches to add festive holiday touches to any package. Or, stop by your local florist and pick up a spray of holiday berries! We can think of so many ways to dress up that Toolaloo you bought for your best friend, son’s teacher, cousin and mom.

Toolaloo makes the perfect holiday gift for the eco-conscious friend or family member because it makes remembering, storing and organizing those reusable bags easy and convenient.

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