Sweet Summertime! 5 Home Hacks for the Hotter Months

Sweet Summertime! 5 Home Hacks for the Hotter Months
The kids are out of school and temperatures are heating up! With so much going on in these busy summer months, here are five easy ways to make life a little simpler (and sweeter) all summer long. 

Popsicle Protector

What's more refreshing than a cool frozen popsicle as the summer sun scorches down during long days? The only downside is how fast they melt and the seemingly endless cleanup that ensues after your kids finish one. How about this easy hack: use a cupcake liner on your next popsicle and make cleanup a breeze! 
popsicle summer hack

Natural Bug Repellent

Something bugging you? Instead of toxic insect repellents, try putting cloves in a lime at your next outdoor gathering. It's better for you, better for the environment and it keeps unwanted flying pests away. Voila, a natural bug repellent!


White Wine Chiller

Enjoying a glass of white wine on a hot afternoon? Freeze white grapes! Popping a few of the frozen fruit into your glass will keep your drink cold without watering it down like ice. 

Perk Up Patio Furniture

Is your set of metal patio furniture feeling the effects of a brutal winter or years of use? Household staple white vinegar to the rescue! Spray outdoor furniture with white vinegar and wipe down to remove mildew stains and prevent mold from forming. 

Train Your Garden

To help your garden endure long, hot summer days, water plants deeply a couple times a week in lieu of shorter, daily watering sessions. Watering your garden like this will promote deep, strong root growth and teach it to endure dry days. 


Bonus hack: Bring your reusable bags to the store with you every time you shop this summer! With Toolaloo, it's easy to remember your canvas tote bags and keep them organized and easy to grab at checkout. 

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