5 Things You Should Add to Your Grocery Cart Right Now

5 Things You Should Add to Your Grocery Cart Right Now

For anyone who does their family's grocery shopping, we know you get it. It's no picnic! Finding foods your family will eat (at a good price), and getting in and out of the store without adding too many snacks to the cart is tricky. 
Adding another level of stress can be all those foods that say they're healthy but are sneakily packed with fake ingredients, sugars or empty calories. 
Plus, there's the matter of what your kids (or another picky family member) will actually eat.
Enough said. It can be a challenge.
The good news is there are 5 simple things you can add to your cart on your next shopping trip that will pack a nutritious punch! 

1. Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt 

Yogurt is a classic example of a food that, generally, is healthy. However, there are easy ways to go astray! Sneaky sugars lurk in yogurts with fruit (even Greek!) and some flavors can contain more artificial ingredients than protein. Keep it simple: buy plain, nonfat Greek yogurt. Then, get creative with your own toppings! Add granola, honey, cinnamon, fruits, nuts and anything you can think of! Fat-free, creamy and protein-rich, it's a no-brainer. Don't be scared of the word "plain!"

2. Almond Butter

With less saturated fats than peanut butter, almond butter is a tasty way to add protein and good fats to your diet. (Plus, it goes well with that plain greek yogurt we just talked about!). Try adding it to your oatmeal, use it to elevate your next batch of French Toast or spread it on toast with some creamy Nutella.... yum! 

3. Corn Tortillas 

Especially for families who have gluten-free members, keeping some corn tortillas in the house can be a lifesaver! Not only are midweek tacos a great way to use up leftovers, but the corn packs whole-grain fiber and nutrition not found in white flour shells. 

4. Quinoa

Just as easy to cook as rice (look for varieties you don't need to rinse), quinoa is chock-full of protein and valuable nutrients. Try substituting it for rice or couscous next time you're planning a family meal - we bet you'll be pleasantly surprised! You can create numerous dishes with the vitamin-rich grain, and it's typically ready in 15 minutes or less! 

5. Edamame

Easily found in the frozen food aisle, edamame is a vegetable superstar. Not only is it rich in protein, iron and calcium, but the whole, unprocessed soybeans are naturally gluten and cholesterol-free! Added bonus? It's so easy to cook them! Straight from the freezer, boil for 4-5 minutes with a pinch of salt and - boom - veggies covered. 
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